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Blackthorn's Protection Magic
A Witch’s Guide to Mental and Physical Self-Defense
Amy Blackthorn
ISBN: 9781578637614
Book (Paperback)
Red Wheel Weiser, Weiser Books
6 x 8 Inches
208 pages
Spot Art & Line Drawings
March 1, 2022

Currently Not Available for Purchase

Blackthorn's Protection Magic is a book I wish I'd had when I was young. For those under the gun, it provides clear, actionable advice to immediately improve your situation. For beginner magicians, it offers a coherent introduction to sensible protections. For experienced practitioners, there's a variety of fun and fascinating spells in many different styles to whet the imagination and inspire your own work. 10/10 recommend” —Sara Mastros, author of The Big Book of Magical Incense

"You can never be too safe! Blackthorn's Protection Magic is an informative guide for anyone who has ever felt vulnerable. Each section of the book covers a different topic relating to self-defense, providing readers with insightful information on protecting oneself from emotional, physical, and even psychic attacks. Amy's straightforward style makes it easy to read and understand, while providing enough depth to hold the interest of seasoned practitioners, who are sure to learn some new tricks and techniques to add to their toolbox. Blackthorn's Protection Magic is an excellent addition to any witch's library." —Mat Auryn, author of Psychic Witch and Mastering Magick

"What you have working for you in Blackthorn's Protection Magic: the focus of a martial artist, the wisdom of an elder, the keen eye of a sharpshooter, the disciplined mind of an investigator, and the compassion of a counselor. Amy Blackthorn is all of these things, and her latest magical manual is a practical, realistic, and trustworthy guide that will help you prepare for any kind of attack--Amy will show you that YOU are your best defense." —Natalie Zaman, author of Magical Destinations of the Northeast and Color and Conjure

“Protection magic is one of the most popular reasons for spellwork, and few people know as much about it as Amy Blackthorn. Blackthorn’s Protection Magic explores spellwork and ritual, much of it drawn from the author’s own experience, that will help keep you safe in an unsafe world. From simple actions like planting protective herbs or carrying a crystal to ward off psychic attack, to awareness of PTSD responses, evasion tactics, and mundane methods of staying safe, Amy blends her knowledge of witchcraft with her background as a protection specialist, creating a magical and ethical manual for personal safety. Blackthorn’s Protection Magic is the self-defense handbook you didn’t know you needed.” —Patti Wigington, author of Herb Magic, Witchcraft for Healing, and Badass Ancestors

“In a world that makes us constantly feel unsafe, we can easily be riddled with anxiety about even leaving home. Amy Blackthorn offers us a way to overcome fear by choosing to be proactive about our personal safety. Casting a protective circle around the reader, she offers her knowledge, practical advice, and magical techniques for how to avoid harm, minimize risk, and navigate the ever-present threats. Blackthorn brilliantly weaves her background in executive security with her witchery, while adding well researched psychological constructs and emotional considerations into her formula for keeping us safe. I’ve already implemented parts of the book. Blackthorn’s Protection Magic should be part of our libraries and our emergency preparedness kits.” —Cyndi Brannen, author of Entering Hekate’s Garden and Keeping Her Keys
"Blackthorn's Protection Magic is like sitting down with the kind of experienced, wise witch aunt I think we've all wished for when trouble comes a-knocking. You know the kind of person I mean: the one who invites you in, makes you a cup of tea, and then helps you work through whatever challenges you're facing in a clear and down to earth manner. Amy's approach is refreshingly holistic, covering everything from shielding, wards, and hex-breaking to physical home protection and how to deal with a whole range of self-defense scenarios. The section on boundaries, trauma, and mental health is also invaluable. Above all, Blackthorn's Protection Magic is an affirming, empowering work that not only gives readers concrete steps they can take to stay safe, but also reminds the reader that they are worth the fight and to never give up." —Cat Heath, author of Elves, Witches, and Gods: Spinning Old Heathen Magic in the Modern Day

A hands-on guide to protection magic using essential oils, incense, spells, and potions from a beloved and trusted authority.

Blackthorn’s Protection Magic
guides readers through the realm of the green witch to a glade filled with options for your protection. Amy Blackthorn discusses spiritual, emotional, and physical security in an easy-to-understand way. The book provides an overview of what protection means to witches and then explores practices in more depth, including:
  • Essential oils for protection magic
  • The role plant allies play in both protecting and healing
  • What astrology and tarot teach us about our strengths and weaknesses
  • Oracle spell work as a potent source of protection
As a witch who has worked in executive security for nearly fifteen years, Amy possesses the botanical spirit of an animist witch, able to see the inherent spirit in plants, as well as a keen eye on ways to make a home feel safer and more secure, on the magical and the mundane levels. For example, holly trees provide magical protection from lightning, but also make a prickly barrier outside the home to keep burglars from lurking in the shadows.

Amy Blackthorn is long-time student of horticulture and herbalism as well as a certified aromatherapist. She incorporates her knowledge of “green witchcraft” in the creation of tea recipes and essential oils for her company, Blackthorn Hoodoo Blends. She lives in Delaware.
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