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Everyday Calm
30 Ways to Soothe Your Inner Beast
Eric Maisel
ISBN: 9781590030790
Deck (Paperback)
Red Wheel
3 3/16 x 4 3/4
30 pages
August 15, 2004


Award-winning creativity coach and therapist, Eric Maisel, offers the A Little Every Day Deck series to help readers develop a more centered, creative, intelligent life. Each card in the series presents a single idea and a simple exercise to try every day. Readers can use the decks in a variety of ways.

They can:
* Read through the 30 cards in the deck, pick one that resonates, and try the simple exercise the card suggests.

* Use the cards as a 30-day program, practicing one message and exercise a day.

* Shuffle the cards, cut the deck, and let a random message speak.

* Find a favorite message and exercise, repeat it until the message is taken to heart, then go on to another card in the deck.

Each deck is designed to work with the others to help readers grow in profound, even unexpected ways.

Everyday Calm offers 30 different ways to chill out and soothe the inner beast. The cards teach how to quiet the mind's useless chatter, eliminate negative self-talk, relax the body, and reduce overall stress.

Picture something beautiful.
A landscape you once saw.
Your child smiling. Picture calm
and calm will follow.
Grow calm through visualization.
Let go completely.
What you cling to imprisons you.
Open the cage and fly free.
Grow calm by letting go.
Morning is the world's rebirth.
Rise early. Practice calm.
Start your day with tranquillity.
Grow calm.

Eric Maisel, Ph.D., is the author of more than 40 books in the areas of creativity, psychology, coaching, mental health, and cultural trends. He is a psychotherapist and creativity coach, and writes for Psychology Today and Professional Artist Magazine and presents workshops internationally. Visit him at
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