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The Goddess Book
A Celebration of Witches, Queens, Healers, and Crones
Author Nancy Blair, Illustrator Thalia Took
ISBN: 9781642970203
Book (Paperback)
Hampton Roads Publishing Company, Hampton Roads Publishing
6 x 8
272 pages
64 Full Color
April 1, 2021

Currently Not Available for Purchase

"The Goddess Book is a joyful celebration of perennial goddess wisdom that nourishes, expands, and inspires.” –– HeatherAsh Amara, author of Warrior Goddess Training

“Every woman needs this book on her bedside table. An active and animated must-read.”–– Emma Mildon, Best-selling Author of The Soul Searcher’s Handbook and Evolution of Goddess.

"Nancy Blair introduces you to fifty goddesses from around the world and provides exercises, meditations, and rituals to help you connect with their powers. In poetic language she blends magic with myth, and speaks to both the mind and the heart. As you read about these ancient deities who have inspired humankind through the ages, you’ll sense them operating in your own life, offering you strength, compassion, wisdom, and joy. Stunningly illustrated by Thalia Took, The Goddess Book is a lovely guide to engaging the Divine Feminine throughout the year." –– Skye Alexander, author of The Modern Guide to Witchcraft and Find Your Goddess
A seasonal celebration of goddesses

This is a book of mediations that celebrate the divine feminine. It is an exploration of representations of the goddess throughout history. Here are heroines, queens, witches, healers, proud princesses, courageous daughters, and cranky crones.

Organized by the four seasons, author Nancy Blair groups these goddesses according to the seasons in which their energies are most potent. These meditations and affirmations challenge readers to:

  • Awaken the divine feminine

  • Join the seasonal circle of goddesses

  • Create meaningful, simple, heart-nourishing rituals

  • Let the goddess inform daily life

  • Create the life you want

Here is a book of earth-based spirituality, informed by perennial goddess wisdom. The words and the stunning art of artist Thaila Took create a sacred space that will nourish women around the world.

Nancy Blair is an artist and published author. She received a BFA from Alfred University in New York and an MFA from Rutgers University, Mason Gross School of the Arts in New Jersey. Her work has been commissioned by the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, Oliver Stone’s The Doors Project, the Franklin Mint, and the United States Olympic Equestrian Museum. Blair has trained and worked with Jean Houston, Margot Adler, Joan Halifax, Vicki Noble, Starhawk, Susan Wee, Barbara Walker, and Merlin Stone, among many other notable spiritual teachers.
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Thalia Took is a visionary artist who specializes in representations of goddesses.
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