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Tesla For Beginners
Robert I. Sutherland-Cohen, Illustrated by Owen Bronzman
ISBN: 9781939994486
Foreword by Jane Alcorn
Book (Paperback)
For Beginners
6 x 9
176 pages
B&W Illustrations throughout
November 1, 2016


The father of modern-day electricity and considered by some to be the ultimate “mad scientist,” Nikola Tesla filed nearly 300 patents in his lifetime. Many of these patents resulted in functioning inventions; others were little more than wide-eyed dreams—or still await possible development. Tesla For Beginners examines the man behind the alternating current and wireless technologies who traveled from Serbia by steamship to arrive in the United States with only four cents in his pocket. It was in the early 1880s, at the tail end of the Industrial Revolution and the beginning of the Second Industrial Revolution, that America beckoned him.

Nikola Tesla—a poet of invention—left behind a vast and intriguing legacy. He was a scientist, physicist, mathematician, electrical engineer, and extensively published author who spent his last decades scraping for funding for celestial projects and living out his final days in penurious solitude with a pigeon.

Robert I. Sutherland-Cohen holds a BS in mathematics from Northeastern University and an MFA in directing from Boston University. He has taught at Emerson College and Stockton State College and has delivered guest lectures at Yale University, SUNY Purchase, and West Chester University.
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Owen Brozman is an artist who lives and works in New York City. He has an MFA in Illustration from the School of Visual Arts and a BFA in Painting from Boston University. Publications and clients include 3x3 Illustration Annual, Creative Quarterly Journal, Paramount Vantage, Playboy Magazine, Scholastic, and Ninja Tune Records.
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