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Dance of the Eternal Rapture
Understanding Who We Are on the Human Journey
Garnet Schulhauser
ISBN: 9781940265476
Book (Paperback)
Ozark Mountain Publishing, Inc.
5 1/2 x 8 1/2
150 pages
January 1, 2017


“Garnet’s new book, Dance of Eternal Rapture, is filled with captivating energy delivered directly from the Spiritual Realm. With love and descriptive detail of the amazing energy that exists all around us, Garnet takes you on a journey to bring you answers that our spirits need to know. The wisdom inside of this text is priceless, filling your soul with comfort and the clear knowing we are never alone. It is an absolute must read.” --Lindsay Marino, International Psychic Medium and host of Intuitive Guidance Radio

“Garnet Schulhauser’s fourth book, Dance of Eternal Rapture, is a spiritual tour-de-force that chronicles his most recent astral trips with his spirit guide, Albert, to the Spirit Side to garner words of wisdom from two famous Archangels, Ariel and Michael, from Aphrodite, the goddess of love, as well from Jesus Christ and his bride, Mary Magdalene. On a planet light years from Earth, he encounters an advanced human civilization that enjoys a blissful existence free from violence, crime, and disease through the skillful application of genetic engineering—resulting in a peaceful and harmonious society that those of us on planet Earth should aspire to replicate. All of the author’s astral excursions provide the reader with food for thought to help us understand that love can conquer hatred and violence on Earth, and that each of us must strive to become a beacon of light to pierce the darkness that often engulfs our beautiful planet.” --Dr. Jamie Turndorf, author of the number 1 international bestseller, Love Never Dies: How to Reconnect and Make Peace with the Deceased
This book continues the story of the author’s first 3 books, as it chronicles his most recent astral adventures with Albert, a spirit guide disguised as a homeless man. As with the other books, Albert has a carefully planned agenda all mapped out and designed to teach the author (and all of humankind) a lesson and to provide us with nuggets of wisdom to help us understand who we are and why we are having a human journey on this planet.

Garnet Schulhauser is a retired lawyer who lives on Vancouver Island with his wife, Cathy, and little dog, Abby.
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