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The Art of Aliveness
A Creative Return to What Matters Most
Author Flora Bowley
ISBN: 9781950253104
Book (Paperback)
Hierophant Publishing, Hierophant Publishing
5.25 x 8.5
224 pages
March 23, 2021


Creativity has informed every aspect of Flora Bowley’s life. A professional artist whose workshops and online courses have inspired thousands, Bowley believes that every person is here for a profound purpose—a purpose that can be discovered and embraced.

This book provides a roadmap for living an art-filled life—a life in which creative expression animates the body, soul, and spirit. Bowley shares tools for plumbing the depths of one’s being, and encourages readers to discover inner resources that enable them to live with bravery and spirit.

Packed with exercises and prompts to help guide readers through their own process, The Art of Aliveness teaches that creativity goes well beyond just “making stuff.” Creativity is a whole way of being—one that stands in opposition to productivity for productivity’s sake.

A full life, infused with Aliveness, is a life of courage, intuition, spontaneity, discernment, and joy. If your creative potential feels buried beneath years of old stories and stagnant patterns, it’s never too late to revitalize these parts of yourself. This book shows you how.

Flora Bowley is an artist, author, and gentle guide whose approach to the creative process has touched thousands of lives. Blending over twenty years of professional painting experience with her background as a yoga instructor, healer, and lifelong truth seeker, Flora’s intimate in-person workshops and popular online courses have empowered a global network of brave painters, while creating a new holistic movement in the intuitive art world. Flora’s vibrant collection of paintings can be found in galleries and shops, and printed on unique products around the world. Her previous books include Brave Intuitive Painting and Creative Revolution. Visit her at
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