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Legacy of the Elder Gods
Book 2
M. Don Schorn
ISBN: 9781886940581
Book (Paperback)
Ozark Mountain Publishing, Inc.
5 1/2 x 8 1/2
448 pages
December 10, 2008


Legacy of the Elder Gods is the second volume within this continuing series, with each text written as a stand-alone book, allowing the trilogy to be read in any order. This volume presents additional validation of the intriguing Elder Gods theory, with new revelations derived from ancient texts and arcane historic records. This theory contends that otherworldly beings greatly influenced Earth's early development, including an ancient understanding of cosmology that rivals our modern comprehension. New research suggests that extraterrestrial visitors bestowed cultural gifts, vast knowledge, and advanced technology to early human cultures. Uncover their motive to genetically develop our human species, and the purpose behind their ancient guidance and help. Discover how another group of otherworldly visitors ultimately interrupted that mission to civilize Earth, and determine if our modern UFO activity is linked with Ancient Astronauts.

M. Don Schorn started his professional career in 1968 with a thermoplastics molding company and worked for many years in the Detroit manufacturing industry. After a successful professional career spanning more than 27 years, he retired early at the beginning of 1995 to pursue a second career in writing. He is an independent scholar and he lives in Florida.
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