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The Little Food Book
Craig Sams
ISBN: 9781932857030
Book (Paperback)
Disinformation Books
5 x 5 1/2
160 pages
50 Duotone Photographs
November 1, 2004


The latest in Disinformation’s popular series of gift-priced and mini-sized books, The Little Food Book follows the success of The Little Earth Book, tackling issues on our own plates—those affecting the food we eat: genetic modification, farming subsidies, obesity and many others.

30,000 Americans a year die of obesity, more than the total annual toll of motor accidents, firearms, drugs and alcohol combined. The World Health Organization estimates there are 500,000 pesticide-related poisonings a year. Who controls what we eat? What happens to it before it gets to us? The Little Food Book will help you understand how by tackling the issues that affect the way we eat. Craig Sams writes with authority in this collection of mini-essays, explaining the mechanics of food production and related subjects such as organics, nutrition, hormones, pesticides and GMOs.

This is a book with a fascinating range, but the dominant message is: pay attention to what you eat. Much of it harms you and the environment, and neither the government nor the food industry is on your side. This remarkable book will encourage you to take back responsibility for your own nutritional health. In the process, you will not only have fun, but you will be doing your bit for the planet.

Craig Sams is a senior figure in the UK organic community. Born in the US, he has lived in the Portobello Road area of London for many years and is the creator of the Whole Earth organic grocery brand. Craig became involved with organic food in India in 1965 after being cured of hepatitis through adopting an organic and macrobiotic diet. He is the chair of the Soil Association, the policymaking heart of the organic movement in the United Kingdom, as well as the main certification body in the UK.
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