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The Mystic Thesaurus
Willis F. Whitehead
ISBN: 9780892540693
Book (Paperback)
Ibis Press
5 x 7
96 pages
May 15, 2003


During the 1920s,Willis Whitehead was Supreme Grand Vizier of the Ancient Order of Oriental Magic. In The Mystic Thesaurus he shares the secrets and tools he worked with in a lifetime of practicing magic.

Readers will learn the hidden meaning of the symbols of the zodiac, the significance of alphabets and tarot cards, and the mystery of numbers and numerology. The Mystic Thesaurus also contains instructions on how to make and use a magic mirror to establish contact with astral beings. With a sampling of the work of famous turn-of-the-century magician Henry Cornelius Agrippa, The Mystic Thesaurus is a primer that any student of the occult will want in their library.

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