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The Voice Celestial
Ernest Holmes
ISBN: 9780911336719
Book (Paperback)
Science of Mind Publishing
6 x 9
February 1, 1978


"This monumental book moves the reader from the realm of mind to one of spiritual wholeness." --Dr. Christian Sorensen

"The Voice Celestial speaks with clarity and passion that will bring tears to the eyes of all students of metaphysics." --Rev. Dr. Candice Becket, Religious Science Center for Positive Living
An Epic Poem in the tradition of The Iliad of Homer and John Milton’s Paradise Lost, The Voice Celestial bridges the centuries that have passed since Jesus Christ gave his message to mankind and links that message to our present age. The Wayfarer makes his journey through the world’s great religions to the mysteries of Egypt, and finally to Jesus Christ, being changed in the process, and discovering along the way that we live in a loving universe, where all men and women are masters of their own destinies.

Recognized as one of the foremost spiritual teachers of the past century, Ernest Holmes blended the best of Eastern and Western spiritual philosophies, psychology, and science into the transformational ideas known as the Science of Mind. Additionally, he formulated spiritual mind treatment, a specific type of meditative prayer that has positively affected the lives of millions.
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