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The Power of Your Other Hand
Unlock Creativity and Inner Wisdom Through the Right Side of Your Brain
Lucia Capacchione
ISBN: 9781573247474
Book (Paperback)
Red Wheel
7 x 10
184 pages
May 1, 2019


Brain researchers have in recent years have discovered the vast, untapped potential of the brain's little-used, right hemisphere. Art therapist Lucia Capacchione discovered that our nondominant hand is a direct channel to that potential. Her research and fieldwork with people using their “other hand” provides the raw material for this classic, first published in 1988.

In workshops and private sessions, Lucia has worked with thousands of people, employing these techniques to help them become more creative, expressive, and intuitive in their day-to-day lives and also experience improved health and greater fulfillment in their relationships.

Lucia will show you how to:

  • Channel the deep inner wisdom of your True Self
  • Change negative attitudes about yourself
  • Unlock creativity
  • Uncover hidden artistic abilities
  • Heal your relationships

Through various drawing and writing exercises, Lucia Capacchione hopes you will discover the power that lies hidden in your other hand. The techniques will help you explore and understand your thoughts and feelings on a completely different level and reconnect with a sense of playfulness you may have left behind in childhood.

Lucia Capacchione is the bestselling author of The Creative Journal, Recovery of Your Inner Child, and many other books for recovery, healing, and life planning. A registered art therapist, she holds degrees in art and psychology and is a pioneer of self-therapy and healing through journal writing and drawing. She is a consultant, lecturer, and workshop leader, and a trainer of healthcare professionals and educators. Her books have been translated into twenty languages. Photo credit: David Denis
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