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Morning, Noon and Night
Erotica for Couples
Edited by Alison Tyler
ISBN: 9781573448215
Book (Paperback)
Cleis Press
5 1/2 x 8
244 pages
November 13, 2012


"With 24 hours to choose from it's likely that you'll find at least a few stories that make it feel like time is standing still." —

"Morning, Noon and Night is good – it’s good in a way that transcends the bounds of what one normally thinks of as “couples” erotica, and bounces exuberantly into the territory of 'sexy, hot erotica for anyone, whether part of a couple or not.' This one is most definitely worth your time." —Malin James

"Overall, this is an anthology I’d definitely recommend erotica and erotic romance fans to check out. The variety is great, the quality is high, and there’s definitely something in here to scratch everyone’s itch. A lot of imagination has gone into this book, and I commend Alison Tyler for coming up with the idea. Hot stuff!" —Blogcritics, Lucy Felthouse

"If you are wanting to bring the spice back into your relationship then you should really read this book." —Romance After Dark

"Morning, Noon and Night is a mouthwatering collection of short erotica stories based on getting some every hour of the day that’s sure to leave readers’ breathless and begging for more. Anything that has Alison Tyler’s name associated with is sure to be a hit and I loved every story I read. There’s just something for everyone between these pages…D/s, quickies, passionate love stories, younger/older couples and even a bit of kink along the way. From amazing authors like Sasha White (I cannot get enough of this lady!!!), Kristina Lloyd, Kate Pearce, Jeremy Edwards and too many more to count, I guarantee after you read these quickies you’ll be determined to find more sizzling stories from them all!" –Night Owl Romance Reviews

According to statistics, men think about sex 20 times a day and women around ten. Alison Tyler thinks about sex 24 hours a day and the result is this sizzling collection of headily sensual stories, Morning, Noon, and Night. Fortunately, noted eroticist Tyler is half of a happy couple, well matched in every way so no editor is better equipped to curate a book of erotica designed to stimulate the minds, hearts (not to mention everything else) and stir the souls of couples to enjoy each other morning, noon, and night. From delicious trysts at dawn's early light to naughty nooners to afternoon delight and dinner in flagrante delicto and beyond, Alison Tyler is your guide to a scorching hot sex, anywhere, anytime.

Alison Tyler is a prolific author of erotic fiction and is the editor of Three-Way, Heat Wave, Best Bondage Erotica, Love at First Sting, and Naughty or Nice. Called a "literary siren" by Good Vibrations, she is the author of over 25 explicit novels. Her books have been translated into Japanese, Dutch, German, Italian, Norwegian, Greek, and Spanish. She lives in San Francisco.
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