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Lunar Alchemy
Everyday Moon Magic to Transform Your Life
Shaheen Miro
ISBN: 9781578636907
Book (Paperback)
Red Wheel Weiser, Weiser Books
6 x 7 1/2
224 pages
August 1, 2020

Currently Not Available for Purchase

"You’ll never look at the moon the same way again after reading Lunar Alchemy. Author Shaheen Miro encourages you to understand lunar phases in connection with the phases in your own life. The moon, he points out, is your mirror, and like the moon, you’re always changing. Are you waxing, waning, new, full? Miro shows you how to recognize the phase you’re experiencing at any given time, align yourself with cosmic energy, and make the best of whatever cycle you’re in. With the moon as your guide, you can embrace your personal ebbs and flows. He provides dozens of easy-to-do but powerful exercises, meditations, spells, and rituals designed to shift your perceptions, so the 'luminous you' can come forth. Engaging and insightful, gracefully written and beautifully designed, Lunar Alchemy takes you on a journey of transformation that brings moon magic into every area of your life."
–– Skye Alexander, author of Magickal Astrology and The Modern Witchcraft Book of Tarot

Much loved intuitive and energy worker Shaheen Miro shares his profound and personal understanding of the Moon and the ways in which she can enrich our lives.

Wherever you are in life, you are experiencing a phase. Just like the moon, you are on a journey from dark to light and back again, treading the path from inward journey to outward expression. And for whatever phase you may be in, there is magic to be discovered—magic that can transform your life.

In Lunar Alchemy, Shaheen Miro—a much-loved intuitive and energy worker—offers a new way of moving through the world. As you read this book, Miro will teach you how to embrace the moon’s progression through the sky. Something in you will be awakened, a strange stirring of magic that has always been there. Each phase of the moon, writes Shaheen, is an invitation to fully participate in your life experience and to ultimately shine your light in full glory. The practices you will find here are available to anyone who is open to the prospect of awakening magic in their life for introspection, radical self-care, and personal empowerment.

Shaheen shares here his profound and personal understanding of the moon and the ways in which she can enrich our lives. By aligning yourself with the moon, you ultimately learn your own ebb and flow of lunar energy and take up this path for personal transformation.

Shaheen Miro is an intuitive consultant, energy worker, artist, writer, and spiritual nomad. Through Intuitive guidance, and spiritual cleansing techniques Shaheen helps people transform their lives, concisely manifest their reality, and connect with their spirit. He is the creator of the Lunar Nomad Oracle.
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