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Aboriginal Dreamtime Journal
Mel Brown
ISBN: 9781925946512
Book (Paperback)
Rockpool Publishing
7 x 9 Inches
208 pages
Full-Color Illustrations Throughout
March 1, 2022


This Aboriginal Dreamtime Journal offers a chance for you to better understand your own personal Dreaming, so that you can navigate your consciousness towards empowerment and self-healing.

Aboriginal Dreamtime Journal relates to the stories of creation, encompassing Aboriginal values, beliefs, and lore - essentially ancient wisdom passed down from the Ancestors.

The creation stories depict the values and the ways to live our lives, while being at one with Mother Earth and Father Sun. The ever-changing Dreaming allows our past to teach us how to live our lives in the present, so that our future is determined by the learning what we experience today. Use these messages to help you navigate your own journey as you use this beautiful interactive diary.

Mel Brown is a professional speaker, author, and artist who holds a masters in Indigenous Healing and Trauma from the Southern Cross University. She is also a counselor, and she regularly facilitates healing circles for women and youth, providing supervision to aboriginal and non-aboriginal workers within the health and welfare fields. Recognized for her work in service provisions for aboriginal families, she was awarded the ACT Public Service Award for the Most Improved Services to Aboriginal Children and Families in the ACT. Mel’s three card oracles—Aboriginal Dreamtime Oracle, Aboriginal Goddess Chakra Oracle, and Aboriginal Spirit Oracle—are bestselling decks.
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