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Seminar with Carole Lynne; A Deeper Connection to Spirit

Saturday, September 6, 1:00pm - 5:15pm
Newton, MA location
Limited to 22

1:00 PM 5:15PM Fee $90 to be paid when registering. Register ONLINE by going to the page called "Books, Seminars, CD." Look for the butterfly logo and you will see the Sept 6 Seminar. To register call Carole Lynne at 617 964 0058 and either she or Marlowe will return your call. When you register you will receive location details and directions.


Would you like to feel a deeper connection to spirit in your every day life? Would you like to receive guidance for yourself and others? Would you like to receive messages from loved ones who have passed on? Explore and expand your psychic and mediumistic gifts. Beginners to advanced may attend as beginners will do first level exercises, and more advanced psychic mediums may be asked to work on the platform while being coached by Carole Lynne. Ronald Monroe will assist Carole Lynne so that everyone will get the personal attention needed.