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Jean Bolen - Week-Long Retreat: Women's Retreat; Water, Moon, Yin

Saturday, June 21, 10:00am - Saturday, June 27, 10:00am
Feathered Pipe Rnach
Helena, MT
For the first time, a river will run through the workshop–we will journey down the Missouri River in the middle of the week. The moon will be moving out of new moon into first quarter when we begin, which is an aspect of Artemis the Goddess of the Hunt and Moon, archetype of the sister, goal achiever, and activist, whose realm is the wilderness. There will be time to listen to stories and myths, to be playful, to be in circle, to have opportunities for friendship and solitude. In the midst of the beauty of the outer world of big sky, trees, hills and lake at Feathered Pipe, the inner world is evoked, the inner child remembered.