All of the material published by Red Wheel/Weiser and its divisions is protected under copyright law.

Written permission from the publisher is required if you wish to reproduce our material.

Red Wheel/Weiser accepts permissions requests by email ONLY at

In your request email, be sure to include the following product details:
• The book title, author(s), ISBN
• The excerpt and exact page numbers of the excerpt being requested for use
• A specific description of the purpose, audience (type and size), and context in which the material is intended to be used
• Requestor’s name and complete contact information
• The title, author name (if different), publisher, print run, and publication date of the requestor’s work
• The specific rights you are requesting

If more information is required to complete your request, the Permissions Manager will contact you directly.

Please note that we can only grant permission for our own titles/imprints. The list of our imprints and Distributed Publishers can be found here. If you are seeking permission for a title that we distribute, please reach out directly to the publisher.

Responses to permissions requests may take 4 weeks after complete request information is received. If your request is time sensitive please indicate so in the subject of your email.