Rev. Victoria Pendragon, DD, BFA, is an author, artist, and mentor. She is also a miracle and a medical anomaly, having survived two diseases considered both incurable and fatal. When she was very young, she experienced what some would call a “walk-in,” event which probably served her well in dealing with being sexually trafficked and experiencing incest as a child. These physical assaults on her mind and body led to an early life fraught with uncontrollable promiscuity and eventually the loss of both her children to their birth father. Acquiring a debilitating disease (diffuse progressive systemic sclerosis) that turned her entire body into collagen and crippled her hands transformed her life. By the time the disease miraculously departed, she was a different person; her body restored to its former softness and her mind opened to a level of consciousness she had not known since she was a child. During the course of the disease, she had been told by many people that she was a healer; but she embraced that calling only after two very powerful angelic visits, becoming an ordained Interfaith minister and taking numerous certifications in various healing modalities. Rev. Pendragon lives in the old hills of Appalachia, drawing, painting, writing, and serving as a mentor for those who seek her guidance.

Books by Victoria Pendragon