20 Questions to Ask If Your Child Has ADHD


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Red Wheel Weiser


You've just been told your child has ADHD. Suddenly, you feel overwhelmed and helpless. And you have questions-lots of questions.

Just what is ADHD? Is it the same as ADD? Does your child really have it? Is it curable? What do you do now? Does your child need medication? How can you help your child still feel good about him- or herself? And what can you do about your own negative feelings and stress level?

What should the school be doing? Are there things many teachers and staff don't understand about ADHD? Does your child need special education?

20 Questions to Ask If Your Child Has ADHD answers all of these most frequently asked questions-and many more. It is organized into four easily manageable categories:

  • General/Medical Information
  • Social/Emotional Well-being
  • Home Issues
  • School Issues


Think of this book as facts with personality. Answers are written in an easy-to-read, conversational style from a parent who's been there. It provides the most up-to-date information from sources the author has trusted for the care and well-being of her own child.

20 Questions to Ask If Your Child Has ADHD is a great beginning book for parents trying to make sense of the ADHD diagnosis, smarting from the struggles, and searching for readily available guidance and information. This book ends the search for simple (not simplistic) guidance.

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