Sun Signs for Lovers

A Guide to Romance and Relationships


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Cass and Janie Jackson are the authors of Astrology for Success, Crystals Plain and Simple, and Astrology Plain and Simple. They live in the UK.

Whether you are looking for marriage, partnership, or simply companionship, choosing a lover can be a tricky business. Attraction is a complicated matter of psychology, emotion, and physicality; how do you know when you can trust your instincts? Many people have fallen in “love at first sight" and later found that such love didn’t endure. People don't come into the world with instruction manuals for how to love or live their lives. How do you find your soul mate? Where can you look for direction?

Sun Signs for Lovers is a guidance manual that is literally written in the stars. It leads you through the process of understanding:

  • How your sun sign reflects who you are
  • How your sun sign behaves in relationships
  • How to choose other sun signs that are most compatible with your own

For each sun sign, Cass and Janie Jackson tell you where you are most likely to find your compatible partner and list 3 separate sun signs that may be most compatible with yours.

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