Don't Take the Last Donut

New Rules of Business Etiquette


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“Judith Bowman has written the definitive business etiquette guide.”
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“Judith Bowman has written the definitive business etiquette guide.”
—Success Magazine
Don't Take the Last Donut provides all you need to know so that you don't lose your job position or business deal.”
Colorado Springs Business Journal
Don't Take the Last Donut gives you the tools you need to be confident and letter-perfect in any business setting–from pitch to presentation, from networking to contract negotiations, and everything in between. With this book, you will easily master the art of small talk, the protocol of the perfect business introduction, and the many nuances of the business lunch. You'll learn:

  • The protocol of the proper business introduction…even if you have forgotten someone's name.
  • The art of creating a positive first impression.
  • How to manage an awkward moment.
  • The vast differences in rules of etiquette around the world.

Plus, new for the paperback edition: a new appendix, showing readers how to exceed expectations in the workplace and go from "fine" to "fabulous."

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“Judith Bowman has written the definitive business etiquette guide.”
“Provides all you need to know so that you don’t lose your job position or business deal.”

“This is the essential business guide for anyone in business, in the 21st Century.”
Michael Nitti, Life Coach/Business Consultant & former Vice President, The Anthony Robbins Companies
“Proper business etiquette is more than making nice with people you don't know or don't like. Bowman demonstrates how treating other people with dignity and respect, especially in business encounters, will pay rich dividends. It's not about you anyway. It's about them. It takes so little to make other people more comfortable (ie: cooperative) and it means so much.”
John Hoover, New York Times bestselling author of How to Work for an Idiot
Don't Take the Last Donut is the quintessential guide for those who need to make effective people-connections in today’s business world—and that’s just about everyone. Bowman’s advice is sharp, focused, easy to execute, and roll-up-your-sleeves practical.  Her book is an essential read for those starting out and need a ‘how to’ on business etiquette, or for even those who have been around awhile and should know better. This is a gold mine for those who follow through with Bowman’s advice.”
Dean Philip Quaglieri, Dean, College of Management, University of Massachusetts, Boston
“Judith Bowman has written more than a book on manners and style. She's illuminated all the seemingly small leverage points that can make the difference between a great business relationship and a failed one. I wish I'd had this book ten years ago....there isn't a single page I didn't learn something one should enter the business world without this book.”
Steve Chandler, Best-selling author of The Hands-Off Manager and 100 Ways to Motivate Others
“Much of Bowman's subject matter used to be taught in the home. Sadly that is no longer the case and this book will help the reader get through life politely, correctly, and successfully. Nuances will be a powerful tool in your career tool kit.”
Richard DeAgazio, President, Boston Capital Securities, Inc.
“Judith Bowman has penned the definitive guide to social and professional interaction. Striking at the heart of self awareness and emotional intelligence, Bowman provides a a step-by-step guide to social comportment for today's business executive seeking a competitive edge.”
Matthew Power, President, Risk Specialists Management, Inc., AIG