Dreamsong of the Eagle


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Imprint: Hampton Roads Publishing
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48 Pages


7 x 9


Cloth Over Boards

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Hampton Roads Publishing


  • Illustrated by Deborah Hayner

  • Author Ted Andrews

    Ted Andrews is a full-time author, student, and teacher in the metaphysical and spiritual fields. He conducts seminars, symposiums, workshops, and lectures throughout the country on many facets of ancient mysticism, focusing on translating esoteric material to make it comprehensible and practical for everyone. Ted is certified in basic hypnosis and acupressure, and is involved in the study and use of herbs as an alternative path in health care. He is active in the holistic healing field, focusing strongly on esoteric forms of healing with sound, music, and voice. Trained in piano, Ted also employs the use of the Celtic harp, bamboo flute, shaman rattles, Tibetan bells, Tibetan Singing Bowl, and quartz crystal bowls to create individual healing therapies and induce higher states of consciousness. Ted is a clairvoyant and also works with past-life analysis, aura interpretation, dreams, numerology, and Tarot. He passed away on October 24, 2009.

A mute girl and a clumsy boy retreat to a secret shelter in the woods, caring for injured animals, until one day an injured eagle changes their lives forever.
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