Herbana Witch

A Year in the Forest (Working with Herbs, Barks, Mushrooms, Roots, and Flowers)


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Cecilia Lattari has degrees in both Theater and Herbalist Techniques.  She is a life coach and relationship counselor, using theatrical practices and sensorial experiences in the world of plants to encourage people to explore their most authentic selves. She is also the author of Backyard Witchcraft and Modern Goddess Tarot.

The herbana witch is a green witch who uses the power of nature and the wisdom of the forest and who has a deep understanding of herbs, barks, mushrooms, roots, flowers, and woodland plants.  

This beautifully illustrated book from the author of Backyard Witchcraft is an almanac, designed to travel with the herbana witch throughout an entire year, exploring the seasons, the plants of each period, magical and healing recipes, and animal guides. It will help you get in touch with the forest and its subtle energy.
Herbana Witch begins at the winter solstice and presents magical and healing practices, spirit animals, and subtle energies that change with the seasons. Each chapter begins with a suggestive description of the forest in a particular season. From there, the author includes meditations, visualizations, and rituals and a seasonal recipe that can be prepared with the available ingredients from the forest. Instructions are included on how to select and use woodland herbs, how to transform them for personal use, and how to make such crafts as incense, soaps, and candles—and much more.

Let us welcome the wild wisdom of those who dwell at the edge of the forest, listening every day, in a way that opens the door to magic.

Herbana Witch: A Year in the Forest contains:

  • An introduction to what it means to be an herbana witch along with guides on how to follow the path of herbs and connect with the plants of the forest
  • Chapters on each of the seasons with an almanac of information on the animals, trees, and plants of each season
  • Activity tips for how to make soup, lotions, incense, and dried herbs, and more
  • Secret seasonal recipes
  • Rituals and meditations
  • Beautiful illustrations that bring to life the magic of each season
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