How to Read Your Astrological Chart

Aspects of the Cosmic Puzzle


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  • Author Donna Cunningham

    Donna Cunningham (1942-2017) was an internationally respected American astrologer, writer, lecturer, and counselor. She had a Master's in social work from Columbia University and over seventeen years of counseling experience working with abused children and women and people suffering from addiction. She is the author of several books including Moon Signs and How to Read your Astrological Chart.

Donna Cunningham lays out a workable system for reading charts in this latest of her twelve published volumes. It isn’t a cookbook, but more of a driver’s manual, as she offers her unique spin on the favorite question asked of conference speakers: How do you interpret a chart? The book offers fresh and often pungent insights into planetary types, missing or weak features, and other facets of the horoscope that shape our character and actions. Index. Bibliography. Charts.
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