I Ching Companion

An Answer for Every Question


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Millions of people who cast the I Ching to find answers to their deepest questions refer to the classic Wilhelm-Baynes translation of the ancient Chinese divinatory text, The I Ching or Book of Changes, published by Princeton University Press. The I Ching Companion: An Answer for Every Question is a study guide to be used in conjunction with the Wilhelm-Baynes translation. The I Ching oracle has survived millennia exactly because of its elusive nature. It is replete with phrases and imagery that are unfamiliar to the Western mind. The text in itself tells many stories from ancient China, when the Chou overthrew the Shang dynasty, and contains every aspect of the human experience, both secular and spiritual. Richards has compiled a concordance of the primary symbols in the Wilhelm-Baynes text such as ‘to cross the great water’, ‘furthering’, the four directions, colors, ‘the great man’, ‘the inferior man’, and the ‘superior man’ so that students of the I Ching can conduct their own study and gain their own understanding of how the changes described by the I Ching are connected in an eternal cycle of beginning, conflict, and resolution.
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