Make Your Paycheck Last

How to Create a Budget You Can Live With


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Red Wheel Weiser


Here is the ideal financial resource for students, recent graduates, newlyweds, young professionals, single parents, the recently divorced, recent retirees, and anyone seeking to take charge of their finances. If most or all of your paycheck seems to disappear by the time your monthly expenses are paid or you are in serious debt this book will help you. Millions of people are living paycheck to paycheck with little or no savings and no game plan for changing their financial predicament. This book, with contributions from real financial experts, is for every one of them! It is an easy-to-read, straightforward, information-packed book for the financially unsophisticated that offers step-by-step directions and dozens of strategies for:

  • Developing and implementing a custom-tailored budget
  • Setting and achieving personal and family financial goals
  • Cutting everyday living expenses
  • Reducing and eventually eliminating debt
  • Saving money every month
  • Earning more money
  • Planning for the future

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