Mastering the Art of Witchcraft

Building a Practical Foundation


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Frater Barrabbas Tiresius is a practicing ritual magician who has studied magic and the occult for over forty years. He believes that ritual magic is a discipline whose mystery is unlocked by continual practice and by occult experiences and revelations. Frater Barrabbas believes that traditional approaches should be balanced with creativity and experimentation, and that no occult or magical tradition is exempt from changes and revisions.

Frater Barrabbas is also the founder of a magical order called the Order of the Gnostic Star and he is an elder and lineage holder in the Alexandrian tradition of Witchcraft.

Mastering the Art of Witchcraft contains everything that a beginner would need to build an independent practice of Witchcraft. Witchcraft is a religion and a system of magic, and this book provides a succinct but comprehensive exploration of both roles, allowing for the creation of a complete practice.

Enhance Your Power Like Never Before

Mastering the Art of Witchcraft is a beginner's guide to building both a liturgical and magical practice completely autonomous and independent from any tradition or current practice in modern Witchcraft. Unlike many other beginner's books, this book succinctly defines what is required to bridge both the religious and the magical aspects of modern Witchcraft to build a personal independent Witchcraft practice. Everything that you need to know, all of the liturgical and magical rites, and the basic background information is included in this work. Frater Barrabbas has written a five-book series for advanced Witchcraft studies and practices. These books were not for beginners, but now he has written this book, that teaches the beginner what they need to know and master to make the five-book series accessible. Modern Witchcraft, as it is practiced, is one half religious rites and the other half magical rites, seamlessly joined to produce a powerful discipline and regimen of practical rituals and exercises. This book was written for the beginner witch who wants to establish an independent and personal practice that will aid them in building an advanced magical and liturgical capability. Whether you belong to a coven and a tradition, or are a solitary witch, this book was written exclusively for you.

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