Sacramental Theurgy for Witches

Advanced Liturgy Revealed


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Frater Barrabbas Tiresius is a practicing ritual magician who has studied magic and the occult for over forty years. He believes that ritual magic is a discipline whose mystery is unlocked by continual practice and by occult experiences and revelations. Frater Barrabbas believes that traditional approaches should be balanced with creativity and experimentation, and that no occult or magical tradition is exempt from changes and revisions.
Frater Barrabbas is also the founder of a magical order called the Order of the Gnostic Star and he is an elder and lineage holder in the Alexandrian tradition of Witchcraft.

Witchcraft Theurgy are the religious rites and the magical practices of Witchcraft blended together to formulate a magical system where coven deities become the emissaries of a sacramental magic. Anything blessed by the deities is an empowered sacrament, and these tools of godhead-empowered magic are available to all witches.

“Theurgy” is defined as a magical operation to induce and encourage a deity to aid in a magical working. Coming from the Greek phrase, “God work”, many witches practice their magic with and work alongside gods and goddesses, but do they know how to take those relationships to a deeper level? In Frater Barrabbas’ latest work, Sacramental Theurgy for Witches, you will learn how to go further with your gods and,  in the process, learn to be a Theurgist. Learn techniques to directly converse with ancient beings, use their help in magic spells, and learn how to assume the identity of a trusted god. Part of Barrabbas’ For Witches series, Sacramental Theurgy for Witches will expand your spirituality and open your practice to new and exciting kinds of witchcraft. 

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