Natural-Born Soulmates

Follow Your Inner Wisdom to Lasting Love


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  • Author Lauren Thibodeau

    Lauren Thibodeau, Ph.D., NCC, MBA, is a psychic medium and teacher based in New York City, where she consults and trains others to access their inner wisdom. A consciousness researcher and professor in a master's degree program in transpersonal studies, "Dr. Lauren" has been featured in several books and documentaries including Lily Dale, Psychic Investigators, and Village of Spirits. She has presented to groups including corporate executives, health professionals, and police detectives, and also with some of the best-known mediums of our time. Featured on hundreds of radio programs, Dr. Thibodeau also has been quoted as an expert in many leading publications including Shape and All You. She is also the author of Natural-Born Intuition.


The concept is an ancient one that still captures the imagination, tugging at the deepest core of who we are. Who doesn’t want a soulmate–or two or three?

Soulmates nudge us away from the illusion that we’re only human and remind us that we’re spirits first! They help us become our best selves. They are catalysts, enhancers for our spiritual growth. And we all have more than one.

Soulmates may love us, but they also confuse us, confound us, irritate us, disappoint us–and often bring us indescribable joy and delight in living. Just by being in our lives, reminding us of the power of soul-to-soul connection, soulmates help us transform from humans with occasional spiritual connections to spiritual beings aware of the importance of human connections, human bodies, human lives.

In Natural-Born Soulmates, Dr. Lauren Thibodeau destroys what she calls “the soulmate myth,” made famous by the line “you complete me” from the 1996 movie Jerry Maguire. Through a series of simple self assessments she developed, Dr. Lauren Thibodeau then teaches us to access our inner wisdom, to discern what “vibe” we’re sending out, and to determine what level of connection we’re experiencing in any given soulmate relationship.

There are soulmates out there to whom we can honestly say, “You enhance me,” which is exactly what soul-to-soul connections do: make us better than we were before.

This groundbreaking book will help readers to:

  • Recognize their soulmates–past, present, and future.
  • Attract new soulmates–romantic ones included.
  • Improve relationships with existing soulmates.
  • Learn from their soulmate relationships so they don’t need to repeat the experience.

For anyone ready to find their true soulmate, this powerful book is an important and necessary guide.

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