Planets for Pagans

Sacred Sites, Ancient Lore, and Magical Stargazing


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"A map that leads us back to our sacred selves." Sandra Ingerman, MA, author of Medicine for the Earth and The Shaman's Toolkit
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  • Author Renna Shesso

    Renna Shesso has been a student of mystical traditions and spiritual selfdiscovery since the late 1960s. She is the author of Math for Mystics. A longtime resident of Colorado, Shesso follows her calling as shamanic healing practitioner and teacher, professional tarot reader, and priestess of the Craft. Visit her at

Aimed at beginners, Lucid Dreaming, Plain and Simple shows the reader how to enter and fully experience the lucid dreaming. Among the amazing things Waggoner and McCready teach readers are how to:

  • consciously decide what actions to perform
  • explore dream space (or the contents of your subconscious)
  • interact with dream figures
  • conduct personal and scientific experiments
  • be free of waking state limitations (e.g., flying, walking through walls, and discovering creative solutions to waking issues)

This book approaches lucid dreaming from a more cognitive psychology stance, and focuses more on how to lucid dream and how to use lucid dream techniques for personal growth, insight and transformation. Whether a reader is completely new to lucid dreaming or someone who has experienced that incredible moment of realizing, “This is a dream!”, readers will learn valuable tips and techniques gleaned from scientific research and decades of experience to explore this unique state of awareness more deeply.

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"A map that leads us back to our sacred selves." Sandra Ingerman, MA, author of Medicine for the Earth and The Shaman's Toolkit "This book is as important a work as I've ever read on the subject of astrology and cosmology. I've certainly never been moved by a book on this subject in quite this way. Shesso reintroduces the night sky to the child inside you and that's a very special gift" Bob Freeman, Occult Detective blog "This is one of those books that ties together practical, scientific knowledge with myths, legends, and cultural lore. Perhaps best of all, it encourages us to get off the sofa, put on a jacket, and go outside to rediscover the magnificence of the universe, and the magic of watching the sun, moon, planets, and stars wheeling overhead in their unending celestial dance. It puts our forgotten, hidden sky into focus and brings its primeval meaning to us as food for our souls." Greg Stafford, author, publisher of Shaman's Drum "A clear, accessible, uptodate guide to the positions of the planets in the sky as well as to their resonances in our hearts and imaginations." Diane Wolkstein, co-author of Inanna, Queen of Heaven and Earth