Reclaim the Power of the Witch

Making Magic Make Sense


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Monte Plaisance has been educating communities about witchcraft for years, with his own interest arising from a near-death experience as a small child. He has met with many major figures in witchcraft today and is the current owner of the Buckland Museum of Witchcraft, having acquired it from Dr. Buckland. Plaisance is also a founder and High Priest of the Church of Thessaly (a Graeco-Roman Coven) and the organizer of WitchFest - an annual gathering in New Orleans.

In an effort to bring witchcraft back to its roots, Monte Plaisance presents a straightforward look into the world of the witch. Plaisance tackles one of the most often misinterpreted aspects of witchcraft: the elements of magic. This is not a book of magical recipes or spells, but rather a serious look at what goes into making magic work: will and intent. Writing from years of experience, he demystifies the growing religion of Wicca and dispels popular myths created by TV and movies. This book offers a sweeping survey of the sources and influences of witchcraft from many cultures, showing that much of modern magick has its roots in Greek and Roman Mythology. Including chapters on divination, ritual, dreams and dreamwork, practical magical tools, and more, this book invites each reader to reclaim the power of the witch.

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