Your Plain & Simple Guide to Choosing, Cleansing, and Charging Crystals for Healing


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Red Wheel Weiser


Cass and Janie Jackson first met through a writers’ correspondence course. Their similar interests acted like a magnet, and they immediately became inseparable. They have taught live classes, using their own inimitable tandem teaching style, as well as correspondence courses. Between them, they have written over a dozen books on various aspects of alternative medicine, but their personal interest has always been astrology. They have contributed to many magazines over the years, and Janie has written a couple of novels. Together they are the authors of Sun Signs for Lovers, Astrology for Success, and Astrology: Your Plain & Simple Guide to the Zodiac, Planets, and Chart Interpretation. They live in the UK.

Your Plain & Simple Guide to Using Crystals for Healing, Meditation, Divination, and Protection
Throughout human history, crystals have been used to heal, bring luck, reduce stress, and offer protection. Through this clear, practical guide, discover the many ways crystals can cure physical, emotional, and spiritual problems as well as divine the future and enhance psychic powers. See which ones work best to aid meditation and visualization, clear a room of negative energy, promote creativity, or foresee the future. There’s advice on buying, purifying, programming, and charging the stones, and a breathtaking gallery rich in information.
Other topics covered include:

  • Crystal legends and folklore
  • Healing with crystals
  • Crystals, colors, and chakras
  • Birthstones
  • Growing your own crystals
  • Crystals for meditation and visualization
  • Crystal correspondences
  • Crystals through the zodiac

Whether it is sardonyx, which was used in Persia to protect against the evil eye; amber, used for healing throat problems since at least Roman times; or hematite, which enables the holder to connect with the unseen and develop great psychic powers, this book will help you find the proper stone for the moment in need. A splendid and concise book for the curious and for beginners on the crystal path, Crystals will entertain, enlighten, and inform.
This title was previously published as Crystals Plain & Simple.

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