The Art of Bathing

Soothing Rituals for Mind, Body, and Soul


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Red Wheel Weiser


Your guide to creating the perfect mindful, multi-sensory home space

With everything you need to turn your bathroom into a relaxing, healing, and energizing sanctuary, The Art of Bathing, gives you the power to create a spa at home in the time it takes to fill the tub.
Friendly introductions to the principles and practice of water therapy, aromatherapy, and mindfulness are followed by a selection of 25 multisensory spa treatments. With baths aimed at healing your mind, body, and spirit, it’s easy to choose one that will work simultaneously on all of your senses to revitalize, repair, and reinvigorate.

We all long for transcendent moments and calming experiences but few of us ever unlock the potential healing powers of the bathtub. This innovative little book makes it easy to recharge your batteries by introducing the different elements of the perfect bath and combining them to give you a carefully curated selection of baths for every mood. Artfully pairing aromatherapy, mindful meditations, and evocative musical selections, you’ll learn how to fix your mood, think more clearly, and become completely, utterly relaxed.

Need to puzzle over a difficult question? A playlist of Bach, sandalwood essential oils, and thoughtful meditations will help you find the solution with ease.

Broken heart? Chamomile and rose aromas, with jazz ballads and restorative meditations, will help you recover and move forward.

A big day ahead? Energize your mind with aromas of mint, confidence-boosting mantras, and empowering vocals.

Trouble sleeping? Pair lavender with sounds of nature and breathing exercises to relax your body and lower your pulse.

With each spa solution taking only a minute to prepare, and offering a completely immersive experience, this book will change your life in the time it takes to turn on the faucet.
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