The Cauldron of Memory

Retrieving Ancestral Knowledge & Wisdom


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Raven Grimassi (1951–2019) was a prolific occult author who had written more than twenty books on various magical, pagan, and occult topics. He is best known for his work in popularizing the branch of Italian witchcraft known as Stregheria and was an active member of the pagan community for decades. He died March 10, 2019, and is survived by not only his books but also his loving wife Stephanie, who continues to make magic in his name.

Tap into the wellspring of ancestral wisdom to empower your magical practice with Raven Grimassi’s The Cauldron of Memory.
As witches, we tread an ancient path first walked by our mighty ancestors. Many wish for a chance to partake in the same traditions and sacred rituals of days gone by, not realizing that they have the ability to tap into that hereditary knowledge of the first magical practitioners. In his groundbreaking book, Raven Grimassi provides the tools needed to access that primordial power, guiding you through a system of visualization, meditation, magical techniques, and pathworking in order to connect to your ancestral roots.

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