Wiccan Magick

Inner Teachings of the Craft


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Raven Grimassi (1951-2019) was an American author of over twenty books on Wicca, witchcraft, Stregheria, and paganism. He had been a practicing witch for over forty-five years and was the codirector of the Ash, Birch, and Willow tradition. He passed away on March 10, 2019.

Delve into the practice of magick with Raven Grimassi’s book Wiccan Magick. This influential book serves as an incredible, in-depth approach to practicing a Wiccan branch of magick, although the techniques and foundational practices presented herein transcend well beyond the constructs of Wicca. The occult and metaphysical properties of herbs and stones are presented alongside techniques for exploring aspects of solar and lunar consciousness, lunar magnetism, the astral realm, and a selection of spells and rituals.

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