The Right Word

Correcting Commonly Confused, Misspelled, and Misused Words


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Elizabeth Morrison has a BA in education from the University of Newcastle. She started as a history teacher in the School of General Studies, progressing to Head Teacher and Senior Head Teacher of Humanities and later Head of Branch. A freelance journalist for many years, Elizabeth also taught professional and media writing in the School of Communications of Charles Sturt University.

Affect or effect?
Right, write, or rite?
Soul or sole?
Two, too, or to?

English can certainly be a confusing language, whether you’re a native speaker or learning it as a second language. The Right Word is the essential reference to help anyone master its subtleties and avoid the most common mistakes.

Divided into three sections, The Right Word first examines homophones, those tricky words that sound the same but are spelled differently. Entries are organized alphabetically, with meanings and examples (including colloquial ones) given to facilitate correct use. Author Elizabeth Morrison then looks at words that often confuse–childish vs. childlike, incredible vs. incredulous–before providing a list of commonly misspelled words.

The Right Word deserves a place on every bookshelf: at home, in the study, and at the office. Written by a teacher and journalist with years of experience in effective writing and communication, The Right Word is an essential reference for:

  • Students of English, especially those for whom English is a second language.
  • Businesspeople wanting to improve written communication..
  • Crossword addicts..
  • Anyone with an interest in words and language.

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