The Sexual Harassment Handbook

Everything You Need to Know Before Someone Calls a Lawyer


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Red Wheel Weiser


Do you think you have to put up with inappropriate sexual behavior to get ahead in your career? Or have you been the victim of sexual harassment and don't know to do about it? Are you concerned that anything you do or say could be interpreted as sexual harassment? What are the rules and boundaries?

The Sexual Harassment Handbook is the first book that gives you the insight to assess a sexual situation on the job and take effective action, before the lawyers are called in. Many situations involving sexual harassment can be prevented or resolved if you recognize what's happening and know what to do. The Sexual Harassment Handbook answers questions such as:

  • What is the main reason people sue over sexual harassment?
  • Can men be sexually harassed?
  • Can I be harassed if I am a manager or supervisor?
  • Why is dating a subordinate almost always a bad idea?

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