The Tarot Deck Mess

Intro to the Major Arcana


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Moon Dust Press


Sarah Beck is an intuitive witch, tarot enthusiast, and mom living with a chronic illness. As a former English teacher, she is passionate about using storytelling and art to undermine white supremacist capitalist patriarchy. Inspired by watching her daughter gravitate towards her tarot decks, Sarah began writing and creating content for her.

The Tarot Deck Mess is a beautiful and inspired journey through the Major Arcana for young witchlings. Accompanied by modern and inclusive imagery, this book will inspire the next generation of tarot readers to form connections with the cards and integrate the lessons of tarot into their everyday lives. The Tarot Deck Mess is a must-have for your little one’s magick library!” —Sam Magdaleno, author of The Big Book of Tarot Meanings and The Tarot Spellbook
"An exciting and inclusive introduction to tarot for little and big witches alike. Beck has found the perfect way to make the Fool's Journey easy to memorize and presented it in a way that becomes a tool for daily readings in itself." —Christie Beauchamp, creative director of Witchology Magazine
The Tarot Deck Mess: An Introduction to the Major Arcana is a divinatory primer for children. This illustrated picture book uses easy-to-remember poetry, strong affirmations, and kid-friendly design to guide young readers through the Fool’s Journey card by card.
Acting as both a gentle intro for kids and a helpful reminder for parents, The Tarot Deck Mess creates an opportunity to include your little ones in your tarot practice in a way that’s child-centered and inspirational.

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