Tidy for a Calmer You


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Red Wheel Weiser


Modern life is stressful, but no matter how busy you are, it is crucial that you make time and space for you.  This is important for mental and physical health and wellbeing at home and at work.  Whatever area of your life you feel you need to work on, one of the Vital Living titles will be perfect for you.

The Vital Living series is designed to inspire.  They help to reduce stress in various facets of daily life, foster a sense of wellbeing, and improve mental and physical health.

Do you long for a beautifully clean and organized house, but find yourself surrounded by clutter?  Are you forever tidying up, yet constantly losing things?  A messy house (or office) can leave us feeling anxious and overwhelmed.  Yet by simply learning how to dispose of things we don't need and reorganize those we do, we can free up our physical and mental space.

With practical tops for tidying different areas of home and workspace once and for all, an thought=provoking exercises exploring the emotional side of clutter, this book will help you re-establish control.

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