Web Content Rx

A Quick and Handy Guide for Writers, Webmasters, Ebayers, and Business People


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Wayne English, founder of WebContentRx.com, writes Web content, media releases, and articles; does Website analysis; develops complete Websites; manages e-mail marketing campaigns; and markets Websites. English has published numerous articles in local, national, and international newsletters, major magazines, newspapers, and tabloids. As a contributing editor, he wrote a technically oriented monthly column for a photography magazine, worked as a professional photographer, and taught digital photography. He has taught software quality assurance, first aid, radiation protection, and health physics. English lives in Coventry, Connecticut.

Web Content Rx is a hands-on primer that shows anyone–even technical novice–show to write high-quality, keyword-laden, search engine optimized Web content. Based on the latest research on how people read the Web, it also includes numerous tips, tricks, and techniques on writing a blog, training, and creating an audio or video podcast.

This must-have reference is for anyone working on the Web. Webmasters can avoid losing projects for lack of content. Business people can now create effective, readily understood Web content about their services or products. eBay sellers can create powerful online advertisements and photograph your products to maximize their appeal. Technical writers, and those who write for industry, will appreciate the extensive safety-related material.

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