Your Virtual Success

Finding Profitability in an Online World


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"Alan runs our marketing department professionally, proactively and 100-percent virtually."
--Ron Cooperman, CEO, KCI Insurance Agency
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Alan Blume is a successful sales and marketing entrepreneur, and founder and CEO of StartUpSelling, Inc. a virtual sales, lead-generation, and marketing services organization. It is a privately held, debt-free, self-funded virtual company that conducts business transactions remotely, rarely meeting prospects, clients, or contractors in person. During his 25-year career, Blume has worked for both boot strapped firms and cash-rich, venture-backed firms. His methods have always yielded the same significant sales growth results in relatively modest time frames. Blume received a BS from Northeastern University and was awarded a Northeastern University Fellowship to pursue a masters degree.

The more virtual your business, the more flexible the hours, the lower the overhead, and the greater the profit potential. Your Virtual Success will help a cash-poor entrepreneur, a small business scrambling for expansion capital, an existing business seeking to improve profits, or an independent professional in any service business.

Alan Blume’s virtual model has resulted in large six-figure deals with people he’s never met face to face–and never will– and small sales that would never be profitable in a traditional business environment. In Your Virtual Success, he demystifies the cost-effective, leading-edge, Internet-based tools that are available to almost everyone, as long as you know what questions to ask and where to look.

Your Virtual Success shows any entrepreneur, sole proprietor, partnership, or existing business how to:

  • Leverage new Internet tools to grow your business faster and more profitably.
  • Utilize free or low-cost online resources to hire, manage and expand your business.
  • Rapidly create a new, work-from-home virtual business while minimizing the risks of a traditional startup.

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    "Alan runs our marketing department professionally, proactively and 100-percent virtually."--Ron Cooperman, CEO, KCI Insurance Agency