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Cosmic Ordering
The Next Adventure
Barbel Mohr
ISBN: 9781571745286
Book (Paperback)
Hampton Roads Publishing Company
5 1/2 x 8 1/2
208 pages
April 20, 2007


Her first book, The Cosmic Ordering Service--with more than 1 million in sales in Mohr's home country of Germany--recently exploded across England after Noel Edmonds, popular host of "Deal or No Deal," revealed that he followed the book's principles and they had changed his life. We have all had an experience where we've secretly wished for something--from finding the right partner to scoring a good parking spot--then voila! had that wish become reality. While some might write it off as coincidence, Barbel Mohr explains through her theory of cosmic ordering, that it's anything but random luck. In Cosmic Ordering, author Barbel Mohr delves deeper into the idea of placing orders with the universe, with more hints and ideas behind the belief that we are in charge of our own reality. Mohr's playful, simple approach to this popular concept is both entertaining and inspirational. Cosmic Ordering includes more of Mohr's experiences as well as stories from readers who've used the Cosmic Ordering Service themselves. Learn why it's best not to tell people about your cosmic orders before they are delivered, what you need to know to get started, plus more tricks to get what you want.

Barbel Mohr was born in Bonn, Germany. She has worked as a photographer, editor, magazine designer, video producer, and author, and she gives “How to Have More Fun in Your Daily Life” workshops. Mohr travels widely in Germany to promote better living through her seminars and lectures. Since 1998 she has published twelve self-help and children’s books in German, including the best-selling The Cosmic Ordering Service (the German edition is called Bestellungen beim Universum), which has been translated into thirteen languages thus far, selling more than a million copies combined. It is also available in a German audio edition.
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Translated by Dawn Bailiff

Hampton Roads Publishing - US