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Simple Feng Shui
A Simple Wisdom Book
Damian Sharp
ISBN: 9781573241571
Book (Paperback)
Red Wheel
7 x 7
128 pages
18 illustrations and diagrams, 2-color throughout
January 1, 1999


Simple Feng Shui takes the agony out of understanding this esoteric discipline and offers an easy, clear, and user-friendly approach to the Eastern art of placement. Starting with a concise history and philosophy of the Taoist-based method of channeling the life energy, or chi, Sharp's uniquely readable "feng shui made easy" provides all the tools for practicing the fascinating Chinese art that strives for complete accord with nature.

Damian Sharp was born in Australia and was the recipient of two Literary Fellowship Awards from the Australian Council for the arts. He is also the author of Simple Feng Shui and Simple Chinese Astrology and has published short stories in periodicals such as the Chicago Review. He lives in San Francisco.
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Red Wheel/Weiser - World except Brazilian