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The Book of Practical Candle Magic
Includes Complete Instructions on Candle-Making, Anointing, Incense, and Color Symbolism, as well as a Selection of Candle Rituals
Leo Vinci
ISBN: 9781578635788
Book (Paperback)
Weiser Books
5 x 7 3/4
128 pages
December 1, 2015


Candle magic is a simple but effective magical technique, involving a minimum of equipment and experience. In this complete manual are instructions for making, dressing, and anointing candles and for using them in a variety of rituals—attraction, banishment, peace and contemplation, and the Mystical Novena.

The Book of Practical Candle Magic, written by an experienced occultist, offers expert guidance on a fascinating aspect of magical theory and includes a historical survey of the candle in religion and folklore as well as essential information on color symbolism, angelic signatures, planetary signs, and zodiacal correspondences.

Red Wheel/Weiser - US, CA, MX