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Total Palmistry
The Love Connection
Rafe Anderson
ISBN: 9781590030288
Book (Paperback)
Red Wheel Weiser
6 x 6
208 pages
February 15, 2003


Are you an Apollonian, independent and drawn to the opportunity to date and meet many people? Or is it Mercury that rules your heart, as you seek romance more for its comfort than its excitement? The key to these behavioral mysteries lays right in the palm of your hand--literally! Rafe Anderson has unlocked the ancient art of palm reading in a fun, interactive guide that will give readers hours of pleasure as they discover the unique attributes revealed by the mounds on their palms, the shapes of their fingertips, and the amount of hair on the back of their hands.

Unlike most palmistry books that cover general palm reading topics in tireless detail, this book focuses on the individual palm being read for information about love interests, problems, and opportunities. The reader carefully answers each question that describes the palm being examined, and is then sent to the page that further describes their approach to life and gives insight into how they handle some of life's most significant romantic challenges. Each reading is completely unique!

One reading leads to the next in this intuitive little book, where within minutes you'll be in tune with your true romantic qualities. But remember, your palm does not control your fate. Rather, it will help you learn to improve your shortcomings and work with your strengths in the romantic realm.

Rafe Anderson is the founder of, which has been featured in Cosmopolitan and Seventeen.

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