Your Plain & Simple Guide to the Zodiac, Planets, and Chart Interpretation


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Cass and Janie Jackson are authors of over a dozen books on astrology and alternative health topics, including Crystals Plain & Simple. Cass resides in the United Kingdom. Janie died in 2016.

The Plain & Simple Guide to the Zodiac, Your Sun Sign, the Planets, and Interpreting Your Chart
Everyone reads their horoscope in the newspaper and online; however, few really understand very much about astrology. To the uninitiated, astrology can seem rather daunting. All those measurements, degrees, and logarithms—what’s simple about it? This wonderful introduction demystifies a topic that everyone knows a little bit about and provides a basic framework for understanding it.
The Jacksons’ easy and straightforward approach explains how you can learn more about yourself and those around you through the zodiac. Learn the characteristics of each sun sign, create a birth chart, discover your rising and moon signs, and learn to determine what the stars say about our characteristics, personalities, and compatibilities. Esoteric topics in astrology, including trines, aspects, and conjunctions are also explored.
This plain and simple guide includes illustrations and charts covering all the signs of the zodiac.
This book was previously published as Astrology Plain & Simple.

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