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The Unvarnished New Testament
A New Translation from the Original Greek
Translated by Andy Gaus, Introduction by George Witterschein
ISBN: 9780933999992
Book (Paperback)
Phanes Press
5 1/2 x 8 1/2
508 pages
January 1, 1991


Ancient religious wisdom in a modern tongue—gives you a new perspective on the New Testament without having to learn another language.
This innovative translation of the New Testament opens the closed doors of preconception and allows the reader to view these important Greek writings in an entirely different light. Based on a radical and startling premise, The Unvarnished New Testament asks, “Why not present the New Testament simply as it appears in the original Greek?” In these pages, you’ll get all of the ancient nuances and original meanings, as if two thousand years of Christian history had not occurred.
“The books read wonderfully smoothly since there is no attempt at maintaining any semblance of formal translation. At the same time preserving the mysticism, philosophy and theology of the underlying Greek better than any bible I know of. He accomplishes exactly what dynamic translation aims for.”—Church Discipline, “10 Really Good Bibles You May Not Know About”
“What Andy Gaus has achieved (and brilliantly achieved) in his new Translation is to present the ideas, words and context of the various books of the New Testament as they would have been perceived by a majority of educated Greek readers in the third and fourth centuries.”—John Howard Reid,

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