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The Witches' Almanac Issue 28, Spring 2009-Spring 2010
Plants & Healing Herbs
Edited by Theitic
ISBN: 9780977370344
Book (Paperback)
Witches' Almanac
6 x 9
152 pages
B&W line drawings
October 31, 2008


The Witches' Almanac is the premiere almanac for the adept, occultist, witch, and wizard. This delightful and indispensable guide contains:
• herbal secrets
• advice about animals
• guidance on the weather
• the lunar year’s moon cycles
• astrological forecasts
• profiles of some of history’s notable occult practitioners
• mystic spells and incantations
• useful inspirational quotations
• sacred rituals throughout the year

Organized around the Wiccan year, the book also contains monthly spring-to-spring astrological calendars—complete with notable sacred pagan events, moon phases, horoscopes, weather, and advice. This year’s theme is Plants and Healing Herbs and includes material on saffron for robes of virtue, roses (the goddess flower), chocolate (the food of pleasure), absinthe (the green fairy), papyrus (the plant of civilization), and the language of flowers.

Delightfully illustrated with black-and-white line drawings throughout, The Witches' Almanac also offers a wide variety of amusing and informative essays and tales from around the world that highlight the various facets of the Craft and the occult to enrich readers' practice year round.

Theitic is a prominent member of the New England pagan community. He became editor/publisher of The Witches’ Almanac upon the death of founder Elizabeth Pepper in 2005. He lives in Rhode Island.
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