Sleep for a Calmer You


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Modern life is stressful, but no matter how busy you are, it is crucial that you make time and space for you.  This is important for mental and physical health and wellbeing at home and at work.  Whatever area of your life you feel you need to work on, one of the Vital Living titles will be perfect for you.

This Vital Living book is designed to inspire. It will help you to reduce stress in various facets of daily life, foster a sense of well-being, and improve mental and physical health.

We spend a huge portion of our life sleeping, but most of us still don’t spend nearly enough time under the covers. We skimp on slumber at our peril and the dereliction of our physical and mental health.

Packed with eye-opening information and practical advice, this book reveals why sleep is as essential to our survival as food and water.

Find out why short sleep reduces lives and makes living less enjoyable. Discover how much sleep you really need, then learn how to achieve it and experience for yourself the joy of waking up refreshed after a restful night.

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